Hi, I'm Saman!

I empower real estate sellers and buyers so that they may make better and more informed decisions regarding one of their most important assets – their residential and commercial properties. 

Here is the #1 thing you should know about me: I am absolutely obsessed with providing transparency in everything I do!

In my practices as both the founding real estate attorney of the Saba Law Group, LLC  (licensed in Maryland) and as a commercial and residential Associate Broker (licensed in Maryland and Washington D.C. under Samson Properties), I have always taken a transparent approach with my clients – always pulling back the curtains and demystifying why things are done in a certain way in the real estate world (and why I may or may not think there is an even better way!). And with this transparent approach, I found that many of my clients were quite surprised that I would share certain bits of information – information that would actually hurt my pockets at the benefit of theirs. But every time I shared these bits of information, it solidified my belief that ALL real estate sellers and buyers deserve more from their chosen professionals; they deserve to have a professional on their side that provides more than just the status quo. This is why whether a client works with me as their lawyer or as their agent, I bring a unique set of experiences and perspective to their real estate transaction by virtue of being both an agent and an attorney. For example, as a lawyer who is also an agent, my clients have the benefit of having a professional by their side that also has insight into market trends that a sole attorney would not. And as an agent who is also a lawyer, my clients have the benefit of having a professional on their side that has insight into the legal aspects of a purchase or sale that a sole agent would simply not have. Bottom line, when we work together, you will have several additional benefits than if you were to work with a sole agent or a sole attorney. 

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The #1 Legal Document Every Real Estate Seller & Buyer Needs
To Draft As Soon As They Make The Decision To Sell Or Buy

In addition to being an attorney and an agent, I am also the bestselling author of Sell Your Home With Confidence: Reduce Your Liability When Selling.  I decided to write this book because once again, in alignment with my obsession with transparency, I found that there is this incredible need for home sellers to get the information they need that will help them sell their home while reducing their liability because the ugly truth is that home sellers can and do get sued – sometimes even looooong after the sale of their home. And that is what I have strived to accomplish with this book as I’ve taken everything that I’ve learned from helping my own seller clients and have channeled it into this book to make sure you, too, are well-guided and that your home is well-guarded against litigious-prone buyers. 

I’ve left nothing out and have taken nothing for granted! All of the information that you need to know BEFORE you sell your next home lies within the pages of this book and I truly hope you enjoy reading it!


Sell Your Commercial Property With Confidence: 

Reduce Your Liability

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