Journey of a Power of Attorney

This course provides students with a comprehensive and actionable knowledge regarding Power of Attorneys (POA). Specifically, the student will have a complete understanding of when they should be used, who should be appointed as the agent, how to reduce exposure to financial abuse, how to decide which specific powers to grant to the agent, how to officially create a POA, which forms to use for their specific state, how to properly terminate a POA, and so much more!   **Please note that once you have purchased your course, you may need to go back to and click on the [...]

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From Listed to SOLD!

Hello and welcome to, From Listed to SOLD! We are so excited for the opportunity to help you sell your home! Below, you will find the outline for this course. Please be sure to review it so that you have a clear understanding of what you can expect from the material contained herein. Please note that the material inside of Module One is more or less what we cover in our listing presentation but I have also included it here in case you would like a refresher! Additionally, please be sure to review our disclaimer. Then, you may begin the [...]

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